We are situated on the main road from Žirovnica to Begunje. From the highway there is only a 2 miles ride to reach us in the middle of a long stretch of connected villages. It is hard to miss our building, since it is one of the few historical buildings with neoclassical architecture. 


osvald zunaj zamegljeno.jpg

Transport connections

Nearbye there is a local bus stop which has a direct line to Jesenice main Railroad station. The bus usually drives about each hour, you can find the timetable here just type in the destinations Zabreznica (for Osvald stop) and Jesenice ZP (for Jesenice main station). We recomend this bus connection for all those who like to travel by public transport instead of personal car.

Another option for public transport is a direkt line from capital city Ljubljana to nearbye town Žirovnica. which you can search here. Just type in Ljubljana Ap (for Ljubljana main station) and Žirovnica OPC (for Žirovnica bus station). The station is a 10 min walk from our guesthouse, but if there is a demand our kind service staff can pick you up when your arrival is announced at least a day before. In the proximity of this bus station is also a train station on the Ljubljana-Jesenice route the timetables of which you can find here. Just type in search engine Ljubljana (for Ljubljana main train station) and Žirovnica (for Žirovnica train station). Again we offer a possibility to pick you up on your arrival with train when announced at least a day before your arrival.